Terms and Conditions

    Can I share what I buy here with my coworkers?

    Yes, you can share what you buy with colleagues who work at your direct company, but not outside of the company. We ask that you do not store the materials you buy in an electronic shared library, for security purposes.

    Can I share what I buy here with my clients?

    No, the materials you buy here are for your internal research and analysis purposes only. You cannot share the materials or pieces of the materials with or to anyone other than people who work at your company. We ask that you do not modify, translate or sell the materials.

    Can I print a copy and quote what I buy?

    Yes, you can print copies (not to be distributed externally or sold) and summarize and reference (with attribution) parts of the materials on an infrequent basis for internal redistribution via derivative works.

    Does Mercer make recommendations in its materials?

    No, Mercer supplies the data to you to help you make independent decisions but does not guarantee the data or decisions made. Materials, reports, surveys and calculators are for general information and your internal research and use. The information contained does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation.

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