Globally, people with disabilities are the largest minority group. Yet, they are often overlooked or entirely left out of diversity discussions and initiatives. In fact, 90% of global corporations report being committed to diversity and inclusion efforts, but only 4% state having a disability inclusion focus.[1] Less than 5% of companies investigate the employee experience of those with disabilities.


Creating equal opportunities for all has been a driving force behind all diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts. Global Disability Inclusion and Mercer have collected data for over a decade about the attitude and experiences of employees with disabilities. With more than 12 million responses, the pattern is clear: employees with disabilities are having a far less favorable experience at work than their non-disabled counterparts. These significant differences are far greater than we have found for other diversity groups such as gender, race and sexual orientation.


It’s time to change the way companies recruit, hire, engage and retain talent with disabilities. Download the full report to uncover detailed insights and actionable information to help your organization create focused inclusion efforts.


1 The Return on Disability Report

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