Over the past year, organizations’ public commitments to advancing racial equity surged. No doubt, disclosure and transparency can accelerate change and increase accountability. However, our research has found a significant and discouraging “say/do” gap between the values companies express publicly and their impact on behavior and equality.


If we are to make meaningful progress in closing persistent gaps, we need a more rigorous examination of racial disparities and a better understanding of how to address them more rapidly. It’s time to dig deeper into what actions will make a difference.


A call to action 

On Sept. 7, Mercer is launching new research to understand precisely how Black Americans fare in the corporate sector. This research will focus on uncovering the root causes of workplace inequities, identifying which policies and behaviors are helping to close these gaps — and which may be exacerbating the problems.


We have issued a call for companies with US operations to participate in this survey and help contribute to this important topic.


The survey takes up to 90 minutes to complete, and you will have the option of providing select aggregated workforce data. All industries are welcome. The survey will open on Sept. 7, and the deadline to complete the survey is Oct 8.


As our thanks for your participation, we’re pleased to offer the following benefits if you complete the entire survey and share your workforce data:

  • Full findings report (to be released in Q1 2022)
  • Complimentary custom benchmark report (valued at $5,000) that compares your organization’s policies and practices against national and industry data
  • Custom Internal Labor Market (ILM) map, an insightful view of your organization’s current headcounts, hiring, promotion and turnover rates of Black employees compared to other employees
  • Custom five- and 10-year workforce projections, based on adjustments in hiring, promotion and turnover
  • Virtual debrief meeting with Mercer consultants to review the results of the custom benchmark report/ILM map and discuss recommendations

The time is now to take action and join us by participating in this important study.

Questions about the survey? Contact us