Recognizing an unmet need in the industry, Mercer and Oliver Wyman — in collaboration with corporate leaders from across the O&G value chain — have joined forces to present the Mercer Oil & Gas Performance Metrics Index. Organizations can now use competitive benchmarks to evaluate the relationships between organizational decisions and performance, productivity and CAPEX effectiveness.

Oil & Gas Performance Metrics Index: See the Path to Superior Performance

Embracing a “sustainably lean” model has become a primary imperative for the oil and gas (O&G) industry. Today’s business leaders require richer and more powerful information along with improved data and insights to compete and thrive in this environment. O&G leaders can now obtain the data, insights, benchmarks and performance analysis they need to achieve new and unprecedented levels of sustainably lean operations.

Our new solution collects operational, financial, headcount and human capital data on O&G companies to determine the profile, human capital practice set and related business outcomes of the highest performing organizations. It provide a comparative analysis of participating upstream O&G companies against benchmark organizations, with clear insights into how HR decisions affect operational and financial efficiency. Our first iteration will provide upstream participants specific information to define and group like-to-like companies on a granular level that O&G leaders understand, require and value.

Elements of like-to-like operating profiles include:

  • Carbon focus and mix
  • Active wells
  • Geographic dispersion and operating locations
  • Total employment size
  • Production volumes
  • CAPEX, SG&A and OPEX budgets
  • Salary and total labor cost budget
  • Shared service models
  • Staffing models of permanent and contractor staff mix
  • Outsource percentage
  • Talent deployment model
  • Job function percentage
  • BOE per job function
  • Revenue, CAPEX, OPEX and SG&A per job function

Mercer Oil & Gas Performance Metrics Index

The suite comprises two separate but interrelated modules, which will be released annually.

Module 1: Staff Deployment And Operational Effectiveness — detailed information, analysis and comparative benchmarking on operational, financial and human capital data focusing on upstream O&G companies.

Module 2: Human Capital Practices And Enterprise Performance — more in-depth analysis into HR management practices across Mercer’s “6 Components of a Thriving Workforce” (capacity, capability, culture, cost, commitment and contribution), as well as core attraction and retention practices, giving you 90 metrics for comparing your company to its peers and other high-performing organizations focusing on upstream O&G companies.

The modules encompass detailed headcount data for 35 functions representing 127 specific job families, including permanent employees and contractors, and labor cost data for each category.

There is no cost to participate. The reports outlined below are available only to database member companies and relate only to the module release for which database members provided information.

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