HR Professionals' Compensation Planning 2020

HR Professionals' Compensation Planning 2020

HR Professionals' Compensation Planning 2020

Forecasted salary increases continue to be one of the most sought after pieces of data reported in our surveys. This is a one-step place to gather the information for all HR professionals’ needs on compensation planning and be ready for 2020.

United States Compensation Planning Survey Key Findings

Review the key findings from our 2019/2020 US Compensation Planning Survey to help you understand the key trends as you head into salary budget planning season.


Listen to One of Our Compensation Planning Webcasts

Give your company a competitive edge with right data and insights that will help you attract, retain and engage the key talent in your organization. Our annual compensation trends webcasts in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa and Latin America, will give you the most up-to-date information on salary increase, staff turnover and retrenchment trends.




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Read these articles on compensation planning

Are you ready for the new reality of pay transparency?

In a world where employees increasingly know what salaries they can expect to earn at another company and candidates are entitled by law to know the pay range for a job as they go through the recruitment process, the question facing business leaders and human resources executives is: What story does your company want to tell employees, candidates and customers about how you pay?


Is the gig economy the answer for older workers?

The economic pressure to work well beyond the traditional retirement age is aggravated by two complementary societal trends: increasing income inequality and a substantial weakening of pension plans that deliver adequate, predictable post-retirement income. Both of these trends are leaving many older workers without the financial resources to retire from work completely. How Large a Part of the Economy is Gig Work?




Global Compensation Planning Report

With current information on economic and salary increase trends across all career levels, get valuable insights on compensation strategy.

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Global Pay Summary

Make well-informed salary decisions by evaluating your pay programs against market averages with data on annual base salary and annual total cash compensation for 50 benchmark jobs.

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Incentives Around The World

Gain insight into the types of incentives offered around the world and quickly evaluate how these incentives vary by job family and industry.

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New Graduate Starting Salaries

Discover which qualifications are in-demand and how new graduates with numerous degrees/disciplines are paid.

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Total Remuneration Surveys (TRS)

As you make plans for 2020 and review your compensation levels against the external market, access to one of the largest, most comprehensive compensation and benefits databases in the world is a must. Wherever you have operations, get your hands on the most reliable, up-to-date information on market pay rates and benefits prevalence to ensure that your reward packages remain cost-effective and competitive in the marketplace.


HR Solutions For Your Industry

Industry data to help make your job easier. Whether you need compensation data to benchmark your organization against others, policy guidance materials for management clarity, or decision support tools.
General industry solutions are designed to address the challenges common to all organizations, like new graduate pay, compensation data by job function, and employee turnover.


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