Realize the Opportunity of the Digital Revolution

For forward looking executives and organizations, planning for a digital workforce needs to be a top priority. By working to address future skills needs and talent instability leaders can prepare now to operate effectively in the business environment of tomorrow. Our combined, unique perspective on the Workforce For The Future provides a holistic and integrated view, enabling organizations of all sizes to transition to a technology-enhanced environment, while ensuring that their workforce thrives.


As companies transform their business models and strategies to realize the opportunities of the digital revolution, they are challenged with defining their workforce for the future. 


Defining the Future of Work


Given the anticipated scarcity of skills and the need to make workforce management an integral part of business strategy, Mercer, the leading company in HR consulting, and Oliver Wyman, a premier management consulting company, have partnered to support business leaders and HR functions with an integrated talent, digital and skills strategy approach.


Access one of our points of view to learn more about how organizations are shaping their future of work strategy and progressing from envisioning to delivering their future workforce. 

Learn how technology can effectively complement human input and experience.

An outline to guide business leaders as they progress from envisioning to delivering their future workforce.

Societal aging and workplace automation are rapidly and fundamentally transforming the future of work.

Defining a better way to manage the digital transformation process to improve operations, productivity, and the customer experience.

Mercer’s Modern Learning insights examine how firms can design and implement robust training that will support digital transformation.

Building a talent pipeline calls for a fundamental change in perspective, placing collaboration, sharing and community-building above exclusive access.

Understanding the Future of Work


Leaders across our organization are constantly thinking and shaping how companies of all sizes and industries can benefit from a new approach to the workforce for the future. Take a few moments to hear more from them.



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Rather than managing only the internal workforce, the best companies will establish and manage an extended talent ecosystem, comprising multiple talent pools and spanning multiple generations.
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Mercer partners with the best for helping you build your future workforce


Upskilling the workforce

Mercer and edXan online Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform, are partnering to help organizations better prepare their workforces for the future. With access to edX’s courses and Mercer’s expertise, employers will be able to provide quality education that is integrated with a broader people strategy.


Managing the Future Workforce

According to Mercer’s Global Talent Trends Study, 51% of employees want their company to offer more flexible work options. Mercer and WorkMarket are partnering to bring a cloud-based platform that streamlines managing the future workforce.


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