Empowering a thriving workforce with digital career pathing

One of the challenges of developing a career framework today is that although it needs to be stable enough to link core HR processes (such as recruitment, development and succession), it also needs to be built with an eye on the future to ensure it contains agility to strengthen talent capability and capacity over time.

Furthermore, it needs to be responsive to shifts in the market as companies embrace disruption. Every industry is currently being disrupted — transformed by automation, intuitive consumer experiences, machine learning and an explosion of connected devices. 


The disruptors are delivering products to market faster, providing a fundamentally new user experience and providing employees with transparency around career growth and progression opportunities. To become a disruptor instead of being disrupted, your organization needs to focus on the same things — speed, experience and transparency.

In this dynamic business environment, it’s not enough for companies to survive — they must thrive

This requires a new focus at the organizational level on the levers for building a thriving workforce supported by a fundamentally different approach to talent management and performance. Without this, it will be hard to enable each and every individual to achieve their personal and professional potential with purpose, satisfaction and impact.