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Putting sustainability at the core of transformation


The focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals and sustainability emerged from a series of significant shifts. We are experiencing a heightened risk landscape, shifting economic interests, the rise of stakeholder capitalism, accelerating digital living, new business and work models, and health and wealth protection gaps. Companies of all sizes are expected to transform around sustainability. Those focused only on profit maximization may face consequences risking their reputation and economic viability.

Today, multiple stakeholders – including employees, consumers, investors, policy makers, and the community – are assessing whether to work for, buy from, invest in, regulate, and otherwise support businesses, based on their commitment to sustainability, inclusion and social responsibility. Investors are examining organizations’ commitment to – and achievement of – ESG goals.

This burgeoning focus on and rise of stakeholder capitalism is driving organizations to commit to a purpose beyond simply earning money; to caring for the health, wealth, and wellbeing of the people who work for them; and to tending to the planet, reducing their carbon footprint and accelerating digital living.

Responsible employment practices play a role beyond preparing people for the future of work. Stakeholders favor organizations with new business and work models that focus on diversity, equity and inclusion; pay their workers a living wage; offer a comprehensive variety of benefits – in short, those that take care of the people who work for them as full-time employees or gig workers. 


83% of executives say their Board is focused on ensuring they deliver on their ESG/SDG commitments



Three ways to make progress on sustainability transformation

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