Measuring Engagement

Employee engagement is more than a score or a number. It’s about learning what truly motivates your people, and taking actions that will help them to succeed. Measuring engagement helps you identify the opportunities to improve employee experience and performance potential.




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Employee Engagement Survey

Mercer | Sirota's foundational employee engagement survey offering is for small and mid-size organizations (with up to 2,000 survey participants).

Affordably priced at USD 12,000, your employee engagement survey package includes:

  • Planning, administration and reporting completed in as little as one month.
  • Pre-selected set of 47 closed questions and 2 open-comment questions based on the Mercer | Sirota Dynamic Alignment Model.
  • Validated measures of engagement, alignment, enablement and innovation.
  • Real-time results and response-rate tracking.
  • Benchmarking via Mercer | Sirota’s robust normative database.
  • Dynamic, real-time interactive results dashboards with export capabilities.
  • One-hour consultant-led executive presentation of survey results and key action priorities.
  • Online and mobile survey delivery.

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