Why Employee Engagement Matters Now More than Ever

Why Employee Engagement Matters Now More than Ever

For years, most energy companies successfully deployed a top-down paternalistic approach to their employees, in which the parent-like company “took care” of its employees, mandated job expectations and offered benefits that the company decided were best for their overall workforce.

This arrangement worked relatively well, until a number of disruptions struck at about the same time – mass downsizings sparked by the 2014 global downturn in commodity prices; the increase in consumerism and choice from increasingly tech-savvy workers; advanced technology in the workplace; and competition for the right talent, especially from technology firms.

Through all of this, workers were also beginning to seek out a new partnership approach from their employers and to dictate more of the terms of their employment, jobs and careers; and technology firms have seized the opportunity. These rapidly growing, flexible companies realize that their growth is tied to employees who think outside the box, are driven to succeed, want their projects and organization to thrive, and expect a fair reward for surpassing goals and expectations.

How can energy companies build a new talent model that engages, attracts, retains and motivates the future workforce? Through data and our own field experience, our latest paper, “From Engaged To Thriving Employees: Why Measuring and Cultivating Employee Engagement Matters Now More Than Ever for Energy Companies,” outlines a brief history of engagement and provides an in-depth overview of current challenges, example proof points, and steps companies can take to regain and maintain the engagement edge.

Did You Know? Of the 90% of HR professionals who said that engagement is important … only 50% are utilizing data to truly understand what drives their workers.  
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