When Women Thrive: Challenges and Opportunities in Latin America

Challenges and Opportunities in Latin America

Latin American women have made significant progress over the last three decades, increasing their labor force participation and receiving more university degrees than their male counterparts. A full 64% of the organizations we surveyed understand the business imperative behind gender diversity, yet progress is stagnating and women continue to be underrepresented across industries.

Why aren’t more women in corporate leadership in Latin America and what can organizations do to accelerate the pace of change?

In our latest report When Women Thrive, Businesses Thrive: Challenges and Opportunities in Latin America, we set out to understand the state of women in the Latin American workforce, gain a greater understanding of the underlying forces driving women’s representation and examine policies and practices to accelerate progress.

The result is a holistic perspective that paints a broad picture of Latin American women in the workplace, from barriers unique to their cultural context to best practices proven to increase women’s representation and advancement.

In this report, we examine:

  • Women in the Latin American workforce, exploring demographic trends, the gender wage gap and comparing political and corporate representation.
  • Root causes of women’s underrepresentation, from the role of occupational segregation in education to cultural factors that reinforce traditional gender roles.
  • The business case for gender diversity, drawing on global and regional evidence to show the benefits of fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce.
  • Practical actions organizations can take to improve the representation and advancement of women.

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