Longevity hedging - where's the market going?


Longevity hedging - where's the market going?

Recorded: 31 October 2017

  • Overview
    • The webinar will cover how longevity hedging fits into strategic end goal planning, the reinsurer view on the longevity risk transfer market, pricing and capacity, what makes a scheme more attractive for longevity hedging to reinsurers and also the benefits and drawbacks of longevity hedging.

  • Why attend
    • Join the webinar to hear the latest thinking in the area and hear the reinsurer's view of the market.

  • Who should attend
    • Trustees, Sponsors, Pension Managers

  • Speakers
    • Suthan Rajagopalan, Mercer
      Eamon Loughnane, Canada Life Reinsurance
      William McClosky, Prudential Insurance Company of America