2017 Global Talent Trends - AsiaPac

  • RECORDED: 23 March 2017


  • Overview

    Recent geopolitical tensions, technological disruption and new-style employment patterns are dramatically changing the world of work. What are organizations doing to adapt, and more importantly, prepare for the future?

    In this year’s Global Talent Trends Study, Mercer has gathered input from Senior Executives, HR, and Employees from over 5,000 companies worldwide on their priorities in this shifting landscape.

    Join us to explore the research findings, hear recommendations from Mercer experts, and learn how best-in-class organizations are responding. Mercer experts around the world will cover the main emerging trends seen globally and comment on them from their regional perspectives.

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    UK/Europe - 9 March, 2 pm (UK time)  – Replay
    North America - 16 March, 1 pm (EST) – Replay
    Asia and the Pacific - 23 March, 2 pm (HK/Singapore time) – Replay
    LATAM – Spanish - 29 March, 9 am (Mexico city time) – Replay
    LATAM – Portuguese - 5 April, 11 am (Brasilia) – Replay

  • Who should attend

    HR professionals, C-suite/executives and other business leaders.

  • Speakers

    Kate Bravery, Global Solutions Leader, Talent business
    Puneet Swani, AMEA IS and Rewards Practice Leader
    Jackson Kam, AMEA Talent Strategy Practice Leader
    Ephraim Spehrer-Patrick, Europe and Pacific Talent Strategy Practice Leader

Webcast details
  • Title: 2017 Global Talent Trends Asia Pacific

  • Language: English

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