Transform the HR function

HR Accelerator gives you a clear vision and an actionable roadmap for your HR transformation.

Quickly transform your human resource (HR) function, improving efficiency up to 25% while reducing transactional volume and freeing up staff to reinvent HR for the new business landscape.

Is your HR function keeping pace with change? 

Our world of work keeps changing at lightning speed. Accelerated digitisation, skills-based organisations and agile working are just part of our new reality.
These major transformations require a strong HR function that takes an active role and ensures changes are people centred and sustainable. Yet, in reality, up to 60% of HR capacity is still caught up in administration. The current HR service portfolio doesn’t support the future of work. Employee experience is fractured at best, and HR isn’t perceived as an essential function in most organisations.  
Gain a holistic understanding of your current state and a prioritised roadmap for HR execution delivery.

Jump-start transformation of your HR function with Mercer’s HR Accelerator

Mercer has developed the HR Accelerator to help jump-start your HR function and improve its efficiency up to 25% while reducing transactional volume and freeing up HR staff to support and guide your organisation in the new shape of work. HR Accelerator focuses on these pivotal areas:

  • Designing relevant future HR services
  • Defining target interactions and service delivery models
  • Shaping future HR roles
  • Enhancing the employee experience through digital advancements 

Complete this strategic exercise with a combination of collaborative, user-centred workshops, experienced consulting services, and our agile digital platform.

By acting fast on digital HR transformation, your organisation could be saving time and money. 

How the HR Accelerator works

Speed is of the essence in transforming your HR function to meet the future of work. The HR Accelerator provides quick results that you can implement immediately to gain and sustain momentum.

  • It's virtual.
    It provides a fully interactive digital experience.

  • It's rapid.
    You can complete the initiative within six to 12 weeks.

  • It's co-created.
    We develop it together with iterative, user-centred workshops.

Our agile approach

The HR Accelerator comprises four phases that lead to a prioritised roadmap for HR service delivery across your HR content, processes, technology and organisational structure. The transformation framework enables you to envision a desirable future, co-create the future you envision and provide strategic alignment to support it. The four phases are:
  • Embark

    • Identify people priorities and set project goals. Establish guiding principles for your transformation journey.
  • Discover

    • Evaluate your HR maturity and see where you stand competitively to the market. Interview and survey multiple business and employee groups for feedback on HR services, burning platforms and future priorities.
  • Shape

    • Shape your future ideal state across all dimensions of HR strategy (content, process, technology and described-structure). Align with current state to show opportunity gaps.
  • Drive

    • Deliver a roadmap to capture all activities, quick wins and change measures in a comprehensive and prioritised action plan across topics.
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