Effective employee listening

Whether you’re running an annual employee engagement survey, exploring new listening methods or trying to make sense of data from continuous listening systems, Mercer has the expertise to guide you.


  • We struggle to embrace flexible working.
  • We’re uncertain about the investments and targets needed to reskill for the future.
  • Our organisation currently has a limited focus on employee well-being and diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Digital collaboration is far from optimised.

Are your lack of employee listening skills creating a rift?


of employees say their companies ensure equity in pay/promotion decisions.


of employees believe AI and automation will replace them in the next three years.


of workers are currently at risk of burnout.


of employees say their organisations do not balance empathy and economics when making decisions.

How Mercer can help you with employee listening

Our active listening platforms can help you source people insights, unlock performance and empower change. Our services and programmes deliver the agility you need to stay connected with your people, along with rich content and benchmarking data, real-time reporting and analytics, and guided action-planning. You will receive:

  • Real-time results
    Stay connected with live survey results.
  • Analysis of trends across surveys
    Centralised data means you can explore critical people issues across survey administrations and types.
  • Hot spots and highlights
    Intelligent reporting analyses and prioritises significant trends, action items and areas across the organisation to highlight strengths and opportunities.
  • Answers
    Query the data in every way necessary to understand root causes — filter, sort, segment and deep-dive through survey results.

Our approach to employee listening

We work with you from strategy design to insights. Here’s what we do:

Design and develop

We develop an employee listening strategy to meet your current and future business priorities, employee needs and trends.

Leverage and listen

We design tailored employee research programmes to help you investigate critical topics and identify experience gaps within your workforce.

Organise and implement

We implement our programmes to incorporate the different elements of your employee experience listening landscape.

Wire up and change

We conduct in-depth analyses from internal, external and experience data sources, integrating everything into a central employee experience sensor system for designing change.

Capture people insights with tailored listening solutions

Move beyond the annual employee engagement survey and enrich your employee listening with Mercer’s tailored solutions.
  • Digital focus groups
    Crowdsource insights from your people on a wide range of topics through scalable, open and interactive dialogue.
  • Employee surveys
    From enterprise employee engagement programmes to targeted pulse surveys, our solutions are designed to meet your needs.
  • Continuous listening
    Tap into the employee experience with ad hoc surveys, your annual census, recurring pulses and listening programmes for “Moments That Matter” — all optimised for fully managed and self-service platforms.
  • Preference research
    Understand what your people value — their preferences, priorities and expectations — to sharpen and personalise the employee value proposition.
  • 360-degree feedback
    Experience effortless deployment powered by deep expertise. Actionable insights highlight the way forward for individual and group development.

Design your survey platform to provide the greatest benefit for your organisation

Bring together all the various listening sources to deliver well-rounded insights.
Infographic Employee Listening Four Way Grid
Measuring Emergent Issues Deep Exploration Scalable Insights Measuring Established Concepts
These are issues new to us and are difficult to understand. We need more detailed data about the nature of the issue and how its experienced by people. More text-driven or deeper analysis to help us understand what the issue looks like and how it emerges. Surveys to help us understand the prevalence of the issue we are measuring- and when and where it occurs. These are issues that we know we need to monitor and improve on. We have a well-developed taxonomy and understanding of what we are looking for.
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