How can you reduce the cost of your benefits programme while improving the long term health of your workforce?

  • How do you create budget to reinvest in your health & wellbeing programme through smarter benefits design and market placement?
  • What can you do to best leverage your provider services and eliminate the overlap?
  • Are you currently paying for benefits or services that could be provided free of charge?
  • How do you use organisational data and insight to drive more value from your current and future health and benefits spend?

In this webinar we will be giving practical advice on how to make smarter decisions when designing your benefits programme and how to better budget your spend to the areas that need it most.

Senior HR, Risk Managers, Compensation & Benefits Professionals

Paul Hollingdale, Growth Leader
Alex Bunt, Principal
Jamie Barnes, Principal

Workplace Health Webinar Series

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Title: How can you reduce your benefits spend while improving employee health?

Language: English

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