Employee financial wellness programs

Financially stressed employees is a recipe for disaster. That’s why we created win-win financial wellness programs that not only teach how to save, or budget, but also deliver widespread results.

Ready to benefit from a more focused, engaged and productive workforce? Mercer can help your employees boost their financial wellness.

Why forward-thinking companies in the Middle East are prioritising employee financial wellness programs  

Did you know it’s been proven that an employee's financial well being affects the overall performance of a business they are working for? This was reported by the UK’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

The good news is, when employees face fewer financial worries and distractions, not only do they benefit, but so does their employer. That doesn’t necessarily mean increasing compensation, but rather, helping employees find balance and control over their finances.

Employers and employees reap rewards

  • Healthier employees = more focussed employees
  • Reduced absenteeism = more productive employees 
  • Lower turnover rates = better employer branding
  • Greater employer satisfaction = more engaged employees

With Mercer’s unique approach you can give your employees help, not hype

For financial wellness programs to be successful they need to do more than just provide education. Financial wellness programs need to result in employees taking appropriate long-term actions that lead to financial success.

Mercer's employee financial wellness approach is driven toward achieving lifelong employee engagement. Whether it's saving for a house, a car, college, or retirement, Mercer aims to empower employees to take action and reach their financial goals.

  1. Identifying the employees who are struggling financially
  2. Understanding existing financial knowledge and behaviors
  3. Identifying employee priorities, outlook and barriers to change
  4. Selecting the right financial management tools for the employee

What makes Mercer’s employee financial wellness programs different

We believe the new imperative for organisations to succeed is healthy, wealth and work-wise employees. To achieve that, we prioritise transparency, human-centric data analysis, win-win outcomes, and comprehensive vendor research.
  • A transparent agenda

    Most financial wellness advice has a hidden agenda: to bring customers onboard specific investment products and programmes. At Mercer, our agenda is to help our clients be transparent with their employees, by being transparent ourselves.
  • Working with humans and data points

    We use data to uncover trends in employee behaviours and then, we isolate behaviours to create easy-to-understand "personas" through statistical analysis so that employee financial wellness programs can be personalised
  • Win-win outcomes for employers and employees

    Our data-driven methodology and cost-benefit focus ensures win-win outcomes. Our goal is to help employers achieve financial wellness sustainably while also enabling employees to stay engaged and achieve more.
  • Setting standards right

    The financial wellness market is young and growing rapidly. Exciting as that is, it’s important to perform in-depth vendor research and ongoing monitoring. Our financial wellness specialists set high standards through rigorous research

We’re here to help

Your organisation also stands to benefit from having an effectively designed employee financial wellness program in place.