Due to cost pressures, shifting employee needs and a rapidly evolving global environment, designing, delivery and financing employee benefits is becoming increasingly complex.

Employee benefits strategy and consulting

Our employee benefits solutions include plan strategy and design, brokerage services, employee benefits analytics and insights, employee communication and financial and actuarial services.

The changing nature of work, war for talent and ongoing health risks, requires competitive employee benefits solutions that meet ever-shifting employee needs. Our employee benefits consulting services are underpinned by deep expertise on the employee benefits landscape, data-driven benchmarking and modelling tools and decision-making approaches to ensure your programme is competitive and affordable.

With the insight on what’s driving claims, your employee benefits consultant will work with you to minimise risk, manage overall spend and contain costs. Not only by harnessing our strong relationships with insurers to secure favourable terms, but by also helping you to prioritise plan design, health risk management, financing, administration, vendor management and governance changes. Our benefits administration systems and benefits communication services can help you further increase your return on investment.

Employee benefits solutions

Whatever your employee benefits needs, our innovative end-to-end services can help you every step of the way. Whether you are a small business, large multinational or global firm, our experienced consultants will work in partnership with you, to tailor your programmes to the unique needs of your business and deliver the following range of comprehensive employee benefits solutions. 
  • Employee benefits plan strategy & design

    We apply a considered approach to helping you articulate your programme objectives and benefits roadmap. Whether your focus is reducing costs, competing in the war for talent or boosting employee wellbeing, we’ll ensure your benefits programme is fit for purpose.
  • Employee benefits broker services

    Our market-leading employee benefits brokerage services can help you secure the right benefits solutions at the right price. We’ll also offer suggestions for smarter benefits that reduce your risk profile and claims to keep plans sustainable. 
  • Employee benefits analytics & insights

    If you want to improve well-being, manage costs or retain employees, robust employee benefits analytics will inform strategic thinking. Our market-leading tools help you harness your employee benefits data.
  • Employee benefits communication

    The right benefits communication strategy will boost employee engagement, helping you to attract and retain talent. Our end-to-end employee benefits communication solutions include branding, messaging and communication tools.
  • Small business employee benefits

    Our employee benefits for small businesses bring you the best value deals from health insurance and group benefits providers. These are designed to help you attract and retain the talent needed to grow your business and keep your people healthy.
  • Finance & actuarial

    Cost management of benefits plans is being pushed up the corporate agenda, making it the ideal time for employers to begin thinking about long-term cost forecasting and containment strategies. For self-insured and/or post-employment benefit programmes, we will help you meet accounting obligations.

Engaging employee benefits solutions

Workforces everywhere are increasingly multigenerational, diverse and global. Our Health on Demand research found that the more varied the benefits you offer, the more loyal, engaged and energised your workforce will become.

Critical to meeting these demands, is introducing automated benefit admin solutions. Not only does this reduce the administration burden on teams, but digital tools enable programmes to be tailored to employees’ unique needs and interests.

Our employee benefits consultants, with deep expertise at both a global and local level, are not tied to any specific solutions. This means we can help you build a strategy and select the programmes and vendors that are right for you, wherever you’re based.  

Employee benefits solution challenges

Navigating the increasingly complex world of employee benefits, people risk and employee benefit cost management, requires addressing the following issues. 

Soaring inflation and medical costs means employers need to carefully manage employee benefits spend to ensure they are affordable for organisations and employees alike. We’ll help you design plans for value; this means designing plans to maximise health quality and accessibility to reduce wastage while also managing underlying health risk, leveraging economies of scale and making sure benefits are delivering a return. Our benefits analytics, audits and benchmarking tools are designed to help. 

We help you put in place governance structures and automate and simplify HR processes with a range of digital solutions. This leverages our local market and global knowledge to ensure your benefits remain compliant and effective. 

What gets measured gets managed, so it’s important you understand your risk and what’s driving sickness absence and health claims. Our tools allow you to track absence rates, claims, costs, and the impact of interventions. We can also help you assess predominant health risks to inform your employee benefits strategy.

Employees want to work for employers that make them feel valued and cared for. The skills shortage means that meaningful, personalised employee benefits are now vital for attracting and retaining the talent needed for business success.  

Engaged employees are not only more loyal to their employers, but they are also more productive. Critical to this is increasing choice, with flexible benefits and digital administration, so everyone feels like there is something for them.

Employee benefits solutions you can trust

MMB is at the forefront of delivering employee benefits consulting to inform your employee benefits strategy. Our employee benefits solutions give you access to an experienced team of brokers and consultants that will take the time to understand your business, as well as respond to requests and provide information needed to inform decisions, be this locally, regionally or globally.

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