The “Delivering the Deal” spotlight series is where Mercer’s leading experts discuss the most pressing issues facing business leaders and deal professionals in M&A today.

What is the focus area on deal professionals minds? Retention in deals. Tune into our latest episode of Delivering the Deal, where our host, Aaron Chaum, principal at Mercer’s M&A Advisory Services interviews Jon Nelson, Director of HR M&A at AT&T. Jon discusses how to plan for retention during a deal and how to execute effectively to retain critical talent and protect their deal thesis. 
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Interesting moments from the podcast:

  •  Key players

    "We'll look at key players within the business, not just leaders, but a small number of key players within the business that are important to that transaction."
  •  Talent ecosystem

    "At the beginning of a deal, it is critically important to understand the talent right and what the talent ecosystem looks like."
  •  Important drivers

    "From our perspective, cash is king, but the non-monetary drivers are absolutely important. As I mentioned, our benefits package seems to be an important driver."

Delivering the Deal

The unrealised potential of people in deal value creation

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