Unlock M&A deal potential by diving deep on career skills gap analysis 

12 September 2022

Imagine a world where you could gain extensive insight into the skills within a merger or acquisition target pre-deal — one where you could develop a comprehensive talent strategy before people walked in the door. Armed with this knowledge, you could proactively attack essential revenue synergy decisions, such as how best to structure the deal for business results and future advantage; how to value the skills of founders to define their packages; what talent to buy; where to find the leadership skills to champion the change necessary to deliver on the deal logic; and how to blend teams to increase skill depth and bench

Mercer has teamed up with Eightfold AI to unlock the workforce’s full potential through world-class talent strategy design powered by cutting-edge talent intelligence platform to conduct talent gap analysis. 

Aligning the people strategy with the deal thesis — such as how leadership needs to act, what cultural signals need to be strong and how we cultivate sustainable skill development and competitive advantage — is key to unlocking success. Furthermore, having a robust and dynamic view of the career skills gap analysis within your businesses can assist with strategic workforce planning and future integration decisions. Talent supply modelling, which can flag skill surpluses, skill sufficiency or even skill gaps, can help organisations stay one step ahead, with applications far beyond day one and year one.

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