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    Worldwide Benefit, Employment Guide

    Definitive Guidance In 64 Countries

    Easily keep track of constantly changing benefit laws and regulations as well as employment conditions


Local Plus Surveys (Participation Open)

Take our Local Plus Surveys and get access to powerful data and resources to help improve your assignment policies and practices, plus deeply discounted pricing on the complete reports.

Private Equity Surveys (Participation Open)

Validate your compensation and benefit programs in your private equity/venture capital firm. Participate by July 14! 

IPE eLearning Online Training

Mercer IPE eLearning is an interactive and on-demand 2.5 hrs. training, that provides users with instruction on the IPE methodology without leaving their desks. IPE eLearning is cost effective, offers a consistent understanding across geographies, and provides a flexible schedule to adapt to your team's needs

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