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The World’s Largest, Most Comprehensive Remuneration Resource:

140 countries + 35,000 organisations worldwide + 300,000 jobs + 15m incumbents globally

Align your employee compensation plans with talent trends and market demands wherever your business might be — locally, regionally, and globally. 

Your guide to compensation policy and remuneration strategy

Mercer’s Total Remuneration Survey categorizes compensation data into five simple components for efficient resource planning:
  1. Base salary
    Monthly base salary times the number of months guaranteed
  2. Total guaranteed cash compensation
    Base salary plus the annualized value of guaranteed allowances
  3. Total cash compensation
    Total guaranteed cash compensation plus the annualized value of short-term incentive, sales incentive, profit sharing or other incentive awards
  4. Total direct compensation
    Total cash compensation plus the annualized value of any long-term incentive awards, valued using Black-Scholes methodology for appreciation-based awards
  5. Total remuneration
    Total direct compensation plus the annualized value of benefits

Compensation and benefits management features of TRS

Access data online

Receive TRS results in a timely fashion via Mercer WIN®. Analyse compensation and remuneration data across multiple markets with customisable views and see how your company’s spending-per-employee stacks up against organisations around the globe. 

The latest data on remuneration trends

TRS data reflects comprehensive employee compensation trends across a wide variety of job and labour markets. Draw clear conclusions on the relationship between jobs, skills, and compensation, no matter how niche your industry is.

Big picture overview

Understand market pay trends on a deeper level with comprehensive summaries on economic, political, and labour trends at both the country and global level. 

Benefits and prevalence summary

Get an accurate summary of salary budget forecasts, incentive practices, and remuneration policies of participating organisations. 

Actual market data

Determine which jobs are the most competitive by analysing the latest compensation and benefits trends in the market

Market analysis

Breakdown major components of total remuneration with market analysis with Mercer’s International Position Evaluation (IPE) methodology for job evaluation 

Get custom insights

Categorise and analyse survey statistics by industry, revenue size, total number of employees, and more with Mercer WIN®.

Save more as a Total Remuneration Survey participant

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    All subscribers will be required to participate in the Total Remuneration Survey on an annual basis. Subscribers will be entitled to additional benefits as part of their subscription package.

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