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Mercer holds one of the largest sources of compensation reports and talent assessment and health and benefits data obtained directly from business leaders across the globe. This central repository covers a wide range of geographies and industries providing you with robust, relevant data to manage your workforce

Everything you need to know about employee trends in Malaysia

Get the employee insights you need to balance HR budgets while offering competitive compensation and benefits packages that attract and retain the  best talent in the face of fierce hiring competition. Whether you’re hiring new graduates or senior executives, our HR data will provide you with the latest HR trends on a local, regional, and global level.

Malaysia Policies & Practices Report (PDF)

Review your employment policies and practices with in-depth insights on salary increase forecasts, attrition rates, graduates’ starting salaries, medical coverage, insurance policies, short and long-term incentives, and more.
Price per industry Price*
General Industry RM 5,807
High Tech RM 5,807
Consumer Goods RM 5,807
Life Sciences RM 5,807
Retail RM 5,807
Shared Services & Outsourcing RM 5,807

* 6% SST is inclusive in the price

Malaysia Market Regression Report (PDF)

Demarcate accurate salary ranges by accounting for factors such as annual base salary, annual guaranteed cash, and annual total remuneration found within our Market Regression Report. Featuring detailed analysis and research of specific job families and sectors.
Price per industry Price*
General Industry RM 9,291
High Tech RM 9,291
Consumer Goods RM 9,291
Life Sciences RM 9,291
Retail RM 9,291
Shared Services & Outsourcing RM 9,291

* 6% SST is inclusive in the price

Malaysia Benchmark Position Report (Excel)

How much are your competitors paying their employees? This exhaustive report covers compensation data of over 1,000 positions to help you formulate the best compensation package that will keep your employees motivated.
Price per industry Price*
General Industry RM 14,517
High Tech RM 14,517
Consumer Goods RM 14,517
Life Sciences RM 14,517
Retail RM 14,517
Shared Services & Outsourcing RM 14,517

* 6% SST is inclusive in the price

Malaysia Market Value Services (PDF)

A compilation of survey data sourced from multiple credible sources, summarised by our analysts who have extensive knowledge of the contemporary marketplace. This user-friendly report is approved by thousands of clients who have used it to make informed decisions on employee benefits.
Price: RM 4,6450 per position

Benefits Spotlight Report (PDF)

Determine remuneration, compensation, and benefits packages that are flexible for your budget and adequate enough to retain your best talents. This comprehensive report features the latest data on employee benefits such as annual leave, work life balance, medical insurance, and more.

Price*: RM 5,226

*Price includes 6% SST

Mercer Benefits Monitor

Produce customised market and statutory reports covering 17 APAC countries to see how your competitors are dealing with the latest economic and legal changes. Get the most accurate and comprehensive performance benchmarks with Mercer BenefitsMonitor™.
Price Price*
Standard RM 6,968
Standard plus RM 9,001
Premium RM 13,936

* 6% SST is inclusive in the price

Flexible Working Policies (PDF)

Work-from-office, hybrid, or remote? Coming up with a work arrangement that satisfies all business leaders and employees is never easy. Learn how others weigh all their options objectively and take every stakeholder into account with the latest report on flexible working policies.

Price*: RM 11,614

*Price includes 6% SST

Talent assessment reports for workforce management and planning

Improve the hiring process and ensure that your organisation has employees with the  right skills to help you get ahead. Our unrivalled suite of talent assessment solutions will help you identify the right talent with the right skills.

Psychometric / Personality Assessments

Match each employee’s abilities and personalities with a role that is most suitable for them with assessment tools that objectively and accurately measure each employee’s aptitude, abilities, and behaviour.
Price: RM 3,129 -
  • One-time setup fee: MYR 2,100
  • Variable cost of MYR 100.80 per pax, with a minimum of 20 participants. 
  • Generate automated individual assessment reports from assessments

Behavioural Assessments

Stimulate actual work scenarios and environments to give candidates an opportunity to demonstrate soft skills, behavioural skills, and adaptability.
Price: RM 4,116
  • One-time setup fee: MYR 2,100
  • Variable cost of MYR 100.80 per pax, with a minimum of 20 participants. 
  • Generate automated individual assessment reports from assessments

Cognitive / Aptitude Assessments

Cognitive ability tests are relevant in predicting learnability & job performance and are hence an integral part of an organisation's learning and development strategy. Mercer Mettl's Cognitive test can be customized for use.
Price: RM 2,856
  • One-time setup fee: MYR 2,100
  • Variable cost of MYR 37.80 per pax, with a minimum of 20 participants. 
  • Generate automated individual assessment reports from assessments

Promote employee health and wellness

Promoting holistic wellbeing and a physical health has always been a business priority. Our suite of wellbeing solutions and tools help you to maximize the effectiveness of your organisation mental wellness program.

Wellness Days

Wellness Days is a customizable monthly/bi-monthly communications plan for employees throughout the year. Not only it ties to the relevant scenarios on a global scale but also links to benefits, reminding your employees on your company's support. Wellness Days has more than 30 topics available, each with email newsletter and e-poster available for you to assign any month of your choice.

MYR 35,000 per annum for monthly communications

MYR 25,000 per annum for bi-monthly communications

Got Questions? Talk to the experts

Make sense of market data and salary calculator tools with one-to-one      consultation sessions from our experts. We’ll give you guidance on:

  • Emerging market employment practices in the post COVID-19 era
  • Forecast outcomes by comparing and contrasting probable scenarios with remuneration deviation reports
  • How to reward and engage staff during challenging times
  • How to optimise executive remuneration, sales incentives, budget models, cost, and compensation

Clarity and direction on employee salary, incentives, and assistance packages are just one step away.

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