State of Online Exams 

Serious busy young black marketing specialist in eyeglasses working with laptop in minimalistic office.   
Serious busy young black marketing specialist in eyeglasses working with laptop in minimalistic office     
Benchmarking digital assessments

How are you embarking on your digital transformation journey?

With the continued interest in digital transformation, more organizations are looking at how to implement technology to drive innovation, growth, accessibility and flexibility. Many companies have already began their transformational journey utilizing technology enabled assessment to create, manage and deliver formative and summative assessments.

The State of Online Exams survey identifies current trends in digital assessments, and highlights best practices in moving assessments to a virtual environment.

Your benefits

These results will help you benchmark your online assessments offerings against competitors and will provide useful insights into software providers.

Participate by 30 November to receive:

  • An invitation to a webinar: findings, trends and future of assessments
  • A complimentary full findings report

The survey will examine:

  • User experience

  • Question formats

  • Online invigilation

  • Effectiveness

  • Data security

  • Level of support required

The survey will take 10 minutes and closes on 30th November.

Our approach to digital assessments

Mercer Assessments is an all-in-one online assessment system that allows educational institutes and awarding bodies to conduct, proctor, evaluate and govern online exams through one integrated platform. It makes life easy for all stakeholders including administrators, professors, students and leaders:

  • Reduces anxiety for learners and cuts out the need to travel to a test centre. Test-takers can complete an exam anytime, anywhere, and get real-time results.
  • Reduces carbon footprint of physical exam sheets
  • Saves professors time on marking with automated grading, evaluating and automated certifications
  • Supports an unlimited number of students
  • Simplifies storing information with seamless digital record keeping
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