The New Shape of Work interview series addresses the challenges and uncertainty in the current business environment with a focus on how to transition to a more agile workforce for the future.

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The conversation around well-being is expanding beyond mental and physical health to include financial well-being, job quality and social isolation. Workplaces are seen as a powerful communities to influence better health, wealth, and career outcomes. In this episode, Yvonne Sonsino, Mercer’s Global Leader in longevity and flexible working and Dr. Luke James, Mercer’s Workforce Health Leader for Europe share the opportunities and challenges faced by organizations as they navigate total well-being today.

Interesting moments:

  • Stand out with well-being

    Clients are looking for a more attractive benefit package to set them out from the competition in all areas of well-being. They want the ability to be more personalized and relevant to different groups within the workforce to ensure they are getting value. 
  • Mitigating people risks

    Organizations are beginning to recognize the importance of shifting the dial into prevention and focusing on well-being to mitigate people risks - whether its medical related, keeping people well, supporting chronic illness, or financial well-being.
  • A need for financial well-being

    Most organizations feel like they've got physical and mental well-being covered. And now the shift is very much focusing around financial well-being. The cost of living crisis has driven that. Job insecurities are driving that. Living longer, retiring money running out, all of those are driving organizations to look very closely at financial well-being.
  • AI supporting decision making

    The need for more individualization and personalization is closer in our sight because we have AI which can start to look through large data sets and start to make some predictions and modeling. But also we're beginning to see how generative AI can also help with some of the decision-making and nudges.

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From protection to prevention: The shift in workplace well-being

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