Risk management advice and solutions for institutional investors

We can help you analyse your existing risk frameworks and provide detailed insights on portfolio performance to help you better understand your potential to adapt to market challenges. Leverage our proprietary strategic and manager research, extensive expertise and range of solutions to enhance all aspects of your investment approach. We flex our services to suit your needs.

Defining your investment risk management approach

Risks are intrinsically linked to returns, making them fundamental in your mission to achieve your investment goals. Your portfolio should always be prepared for market volatility in all forms, including monetary and fiscal policy shifts, geopolitical tensions, inflation and changes to the business cycle. Below are some considerations when it comes to managing investment risk.

We undertake an in-depth analysis of your portfolio to fully understand how well your investments are positioned to both harness opportunities and manage any associated risks. We will gain a clear understanding of your risk appetite to help ensure that our approach aligns with your investment style. All of our analysis provides clear and accessible insights for effective investment decision making.

It’s important to understand how your portfolio is performing and the potential impacts that market movements will have on it. Having access to manager and strategic research can help you uncover compelling investment opportunities for your portfolio1. It can also help you understand potential risks.

Managing risk is multi-dimensional. This means that investment risk should be considered alongside risks related to changing regulatory and reporting requirements, oversight, execution and ethics. We can help you stress test your portfolios for resilience, determining their ability to adapt to potential market shifts and changing trends.

Three investment risk management strategies

  1. Get access to global research
    Searching the enormous universe of investment opportunities creates strain on research teams. Gain the upper hand with our global investment research and forward-looking management tool, MercerInsight®,which puts analysis at your fingertips. We offer robust global strategic and manager research that sits at the vanguard of the asset management industry. Discover the latest investment insights and trends by capitalising on our in-depth analytics and expansive manager research capabilities.
  2. Reach out to third party specialists for advice

    We can help you seek the optimum way to construct your portfolio through asset allocation, trading strategies and risk evaluations.

    Our bespoke advice service allows you to turn investment insights into an intrinsic part of your investment strategy. We can advise on your investment approach, manager oversight process, asset allocation, portfolio construction and risk management. We can also help you diversify your risk footprint by adding sustainable investments and private markets to your portfolios.

  3. Consider full solutions to take away the burden

    Choosing the right investment partner can be a challenge. You need a partner that truly understands your goals and is able to meet all your requirements.

    We adapt our investment solutions and services to suit you, adding to your existing internal efforts or seamlessly integrating into your team. For smaller firms, our expertise means we can take more of the burden of risk management from you. For larger firms and offices, our focused portfolio intelligence enables us to fine-tune investment exposures and styles.

Risk management solutions for institutional investors

We leverage our global reach and expertise to help you define a strategy and empower your risk management decision-making. Our range of proprietary tools and insights can help us efficiently enhance all aspects of your investment approach.
  • Mercer pension risk exchange

    Our monitoring and pricing platform, which serves as an online marketplace, supports organisations and trustees as they consider a bulk annuity transaction.
  • Mercer dynamic de-risking solution

    We have developed a dynamic de-risking framework that defines your target end game, building out a roadmap to help you get there.
  • MercerInsight®, an alliance with eVestment

    We provide institutional investors and investment managers with access to insights from more than 200 Mercer researchers2 and analysts across all asset classes.
  • Sentinel risk solutions

    Our risk assessment and monitoring solutions help investors better manage those activities associated with holding, trading, and servicing investment portfolios.
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