The Transforming for the future podcast series features Mercer's consultants who are helping organisations stay ahead of the curve by embracing transformation, exploring new ways of working, and reinventing their employee experience. We'll discuss the most pressing issues facing leaders today and how to shape the future of work so that your business and people thrive.

Find out how skills intelligence can give you an edge, especially in the tough economic times, and the tight talent market that we're all experiencing.    

Join us for a conversation with Kate Bravery, Mercer’s Global Advisory Solutions & Insights Leader and Andrea Shiah, Head of Talent Strategy and Transformation at Eightfold who will be discussing:

  • How are leading firms using skills insights to target the right talent
  • Find out how companies can capitalise on skills intelligence to support their DEI agenda
  • Learn which industries have been leading the pack in delivering a skills advantage
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Interesting moments from the interview:

  • Gain insight into the skills landscape

    "Our Global Talent Trends research shows that 70% of HR are experiencing higher than average employee turnover this year, despite the onset of the recession. They still believe that it will be a very tied talent marketplace that they will be experiencing in the next eighteen months. Find out why it is so critical today for business and HR leaders to have insight into the skills landscape."
  • Shifting mindsets to skills-based structures

    "One of the biggest challenges we hear from organisations is the mindset shift needed to support skills-based structures (that effectively flow talent to opportunities and enable skills to keep themselves marketable)."
  • Change in skills

    "The roles aren't changing, but the skills are, and you need to understand those nuances. Understanding those nuances is what Eightfold is helping companies with, and the number of organisations looking at implementing AI powered talent."

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