In this episode of The New Shape of Work, Nicole Passmore Cohen, Principle with Mercer Marsh Benefits shares what employees are looking for from their employers based on the Health on Demand research, and how employers are responding by offering new and innovative benefits programmes.

Total well-being strategies – mental, social, physical and financial well-being – are getting more attention and employer investment than ever before. In fact, total well-being is number two on the list of people initiatives that executives said will deliver the biggest ROI to their business in 2022. And employees are saying that having more varied health and well-being resources from their employer helps them feel more energised and supported, and less likely they are to indicate they wanted to leave their employer.
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Interesting moments from the interview:

  • The importance of medical care

    "Thriving employees are two times more likely to say that their company helps them afford medical care. And I think that's really important, so when you think about well-being, and thriving, and a healthy life, you can't have well-being or a thriving employee without medical care."
  • Improving care to employees

    "In this ever changing fast-paced health environment, the employer is an entity employees’ trust and look to for guidance. After healthcare professionals, employees trust their employers to the most to deliver high quality, convenient, affordable, and secure personal health solutions. This means that employers play a critical role in providing solutions to improve care, access, affordability, and quality."
  • Security through health care

    "The more varied health and well-being resources an employer offered, our research found, the more employees reported feeling energised and supported, and the less likely they were to indicate that they wanted to leave their employer. The employees that had access to a variety of health and well-being supports also were more confident they could afford the health care they and their family need, which of course is critically important."
  • Affordable health care for employees

    "Organisations should also consider factors like health coverage affordability for individuals, safe working conditions, as well as health benefits eligibility and scope. By helping previously overlooked groups feel more supported and looked after, employers can create a culture of health in which everyone can thrive."

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