Mercer CFA Institute Global Pension Index 2022 

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October 11, 2022

An analysis and ranking of 44 pension systems around the world

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The results are in: Iceland leads, but only by a margin

The Mercer CFA Institute Global Pension Index benchmarks 44 retirement income systems around the world, highlighting challenges and opportunities within each. This year we have added Portugal to the mix, as well as using updated data from OECD and the UN World Population Prospects 2022.

The index is made up of three sub-indices (adequacy, sustainability and integrity) to measure each retirement income system against more than 50 indicators. This year’s special chapter unpacks the challenging defined contribution (DC) equation of converting a DC lump sum into a good outcome for retirees. Download the reports below to discover more about the analysis and your pension system.

This year’s top rated pension systems


Index: 84.7
Rating: A


Index: 84.6
Rating: A


Index: 82.0
Rating: A

David Knox

David Knox, co-author, is Actuary and Senior Partner at Mercer. 

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