Get your sustainable investment strategy RITE

Our Responsible Investment Total Evaluation (RITE) tool helps you visualize your portfolio through an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) lens and define a transformative sustainable investment approach. The first step is to understand how well you are currently integrating ESG considerations into your overall decision-making process and how you stack up against your competitors. Our tool allows you to get your sustainable investment “RITE” by identifying interventions and tracking your progress over time. 

Assess your sustainable investing approach

Businesses and governments globally realize the urgent imperative to embrace sustainability, and institutional investors around the world have a pivotal role to play when it comes to making a transformational impact. As an investor, you should assess how comprehensively ESG considerations are being blended into your current investment framework and how this can be monitored over time. You can then identify any gaps or areas of concern and map them to potential interventions. Doing so will allow you to understand what these gaps mean for your overall investment portfolio strategy and specific allocations.

Evolve your sustainable investment strategy 

We help forward-thinking organizations enact positive changes, even when they don’t know where to start. That’s why we developed our Responsible Investing Total Evaluation (RITE) tool to help institutional investors assess their current sustainable investment strategies, identify interventions and put plans in place to enable verifiable progress.

The tool uses a simple scoring system to clearly demonstrate the efficacy of your sustainable investment strategy and how it compares to your peers. RITE provides an evaluation across each stage of our Sustainable Investing Pathway (Beliefs, Policy, Process and Portfolio) to show you how you’re doing on a scale from A++ to C. Your sustainable investing score will provide you with a benchmark to monitor your improvement over time.

Three simple steps we follow to help you take action 

Using our Sustainable Investment Pathway, we can assess your portfolio against 58 data points and 21 categories. Each category will be given a rating from A++ to C. The combined scores will provide an overall rating for your portfolio. This evaluation will allow us to understand how well you are currently integrating ESG considerations into your investment decision-making process.

Within each part of the Sustainable Investment Pathway, we provide a list of interventions you can take to improve your score and achieve further ESG integration. Our scale helps you gain access to alternative investment structures and asset classes in the most cost-effective manner.

We will provide you with a revised evaluation that shows the impact of our proposed interventions, and highlights the steps that will have the biggest impact on your score. We then undertake annual assessments to see if the changes are having the required impact.
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