Monitor and manage your employees’ health and benefits with Benefits You

Benefits You is a suite of digital tools designed to help organizations and their employees get the most out of their benefits. No matter if you're an SME with operations in a single country, or one of the world’s biggest multinationals, Benefits You meets you where you are, giving you the tools you need to deliver benefits that truly benefit.

Mercer Marsh Benefits's You Suite includes:

    Benefits You Everyday

    Benefits You Everyday is a digital gateway to manage your insured benefits​. Whether you’re in human resources or finance, you can access your policies, census and invoices, submit and track requests and securely download all reports and documents whenever you need, so you’re always up to date.

    See it in action

    Benefits You Everyday links directly into Mercer Marsh Benefits’ back-office workflow platform, putting all your transactional policy, invoice, employee data, and requests in one secure location.

    Within each module, you’ll be able to view:

    • Maintain visibility of all your policies, extensions and addendums, in one place.
    • Track the evolution of your policies, never missing a beat.
    • Export all members affiliated with any policy, providing you with a real-time snapshot.

    • View a list of all your employees, whether currently or historically active.
    • View each employees’ key information, affiliations, and dependents.
    • Deep dive into each employee record for their comprehensive details.

    • Keep track of all your invoices, whether issued by your carrier* or Mercer Marsh Benefits.
    • Collaborate with your finance teams to maintain one consistent view.

    • Securely download all reports and documents, from contracts to presentations, at any time.
    • Collaborate more effectively with your colleagues with a centralized source of information.

    By providing a single digital entry point to your insured benefits, Benefits You Everyday enables the following:

    • Increased resolution speed by directly calling on our teams to deliver your requirements.
    • Our risk minimization approach means that all census changes are securely and rigorously processed against validations from automated systems, with human oversight, prior to submission to your carriers.
    • Maintain transparency and visibility at every stage of your query, keeping you informed of all status, handler, commentary, attachment, deadline updates and more until completion.
    • Stay engaged and organized with the ability to continuously interact with our teams on each request. Add comments and attachments until closure of the request.
    • Centralize and maintain a repository for historical review of all your queries, for you and your team.
    • Evaluate performance by downloading** metrics regarding the speed of query resolution.
    • Stay up to date, with notification of changes to your queries and insured benefits heading straight to your inbox.

    *Seamless integrations with insurers and other health and wellbeing partners allow for convenient access to benefits.

    **Available in select countries and with select insurers.

    Benefits You App

    Get employees engaged with their health, their benefits and with you.

    Welcome to the Benefits You App. Benefits You App acts as the digital front door to your health and benefits offering. As a native mobile app, Benefits You puts your health plan, well-being tools and resources, and key company announcements in the hands of your people.
    It connects seamlessly with our benefits administration software Darwin and third-party providers so your employees can enjoy access to a broader range of well-being benefits, making it easier for you to reinforce and enhance your employee value proposition. 
    • Promote your EVP

      Reinforce your employee value proposition, cater to your diverse workforce and offer your employees a broader range of benefits in a cost-effective way.
    • Support employee well-being

      In light of rising health and benefit costs, ensure you engage your people with their health and wellbeing – wherever they are
       - with a consistent and user-friendly experience.
    • Keep your people engaged 

      Engage employees with your organization, with access to life-changing benefits at their fingertips. Keep them updated with the latest information, with features such as a bulletin board and app notifications.

    Darwin and Benefits You App

    Darwin and Benefits You App offers employers and their employees an intuitive and easy-to-navigate digital benefits experience. Accessible through SSO, we put the power of Darwin right in the hands of employees.

    The integrated mobile app capability allows you to connect with every element of your workforce; including traditionally hard-to-engage demographics such as remote or frontline populations.

    By driving connectivity with employees and promoting value-driven elements of your health and benefits offerings such as DEI and ESG policies, Darwin and Benefits You App helps to shape your well-being-first culture and highlight the importance of total well-being across your benefit portfolio.

    Darwin and Benefits You App bridges the gap between demand and action; boosting overall well-being with a range of features and functionality to enable your people to appreciate, engage with, and prioritize their health and benefits. 

    Quick Stats

    4 minutes

    is the average time that users spend engaging and interacting with the Benefits You App.

    Up to 98%

    of total employee population register into the Benefits You App.  

    About 1/3

    of annual benefit enrolments are completed through the Benefits You App, making benefit selections quick and easy, wherever your employees are based.

    The more engaged your people are with their benefits experience, the more likely they are to join and stay with you.

    Engagement goes far beyond employees logging into a benefits platform once a year. In our changing world of work, helping your employees to connect their benefits – and their well-being - with their everyday lives is more important than ever before.

    Your people are ready for employee benefits to change:

    Employees with the most varied well-being resources are 35% less likely to move elsewhere, 27% more confident they can get the healthcare they need, and 11% more energized than those with less.

    Health and fitness app downloads were up 30% and time spent on apps up 25% in 2020, compared to 2019. 8/10 people intend to use digital well-being solutions.

    Employees who consider the HR technology their employers provide to be "consumer-grade" are four times more likely to say their benefits make them feel valued. But less than two fifths of employees (39%) claim to get a "consumer-grade" experience from their organisation's HR software.

    Benefits You Global

    Benefits You Global is your single entry point for managing your regional and global insured benefits. Get a clear overview of your whole program and its costs: every benefit plan; every vendor; every country. Plans, renewals and financials at your fingertips, with the data and analytics to make true oversight and governance not only possible, but easy.

    Benefits You Global allows you to view your aggregated benefits data in real time in a globally consistent format, allowing you to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

    Take control of your regional and global benefits with our configurable, interactive modules:

    • Benefits Management
      • View your global broking and benefit inventory data in a single, intuitive platform.
      • Run instant reports on plan financials, design and renewals to ensure robust governance and compliance, everywhere.
      • Make changes to benefits and benefit structures, and compare your plans around the world.
    • Multi-Country Health Dashboard
      • See medical claims spend and health risks by market.
      • Use standardized data to identify trends and prioritize markets.
      • Design and implement targeted claims management, health interventions and wellbeing programs.
    • Darwin
      • Access our award-winning benefits software Darwin, helping you to streamline administration, control costs, reduce risk and increase engagement.
      • Offer your employees a consumer-grade benefits experience, no matter where they are in the world.
      • Supercharge your employee engagement, increase benefits take-up and return on your investment.
    • Talent All Access Portal & Legislative Updates
      • Access HR data, insights and tools designed to make your job easier with our TAAP digital content subscription.
      • Stay up to date with market developments with signature Global Legislative Updates, World Benefit and Employee Guidelines and Benefits Plans Around the World.

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