Savings Plans

When your wealth is secure, you can enjoy your retirement life. You can also be confident your estate will pass to your heirs according to your wishes.

Savings Plans

A PCS by Mercer Savings Plan is an insurance tool designed to help our high-net-worth clients reach certain life goals so they can retire in comfort.
  • It includes:
    • Legacy planning
    • Retirement planning
    • Wealth accumulation
    • Asset protection

Our Savings Plans have unique features to help clients fulfil their needs for retirement, legacy planning and wealth distribution.

  • There are three ways this occurs:
    1. Savings Plans allow for a change of the insured individual or party. This enables wealth transfer and the policy owner’s ability to change the insured life to another person, such as their spouse or next of kin.
    2. They provide for death benefit settlement options. This guarantees wealth distribution according to the policy owner’s preferences. Death benefits can also be settled as a lump sum or customised into annual instalments.
    3. Savings Plans also provide a guaranteed coupon. This generates a significant cash flow for the policy owner during their lifetime. The policy owner also receives annual dividends and coupons.


An Annuity is an insurance contract designed to pay a regular income stream in the future. If properly structured, Annuities can provide long-term income for future generations.
  • PCS by Mercer Annuities have two phases:
    • Phase one: accumulation – this is when premiums are paid and funds are invested for the future.
    • Phase two: annuitisation – this is when payouts begin.
  • High-net-worth (HNW) and ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) clients can deploy Annuities in several ways: 
    • Annuities are a wealth-transfer tool that gives you full control. An adequately structured Annuity gives the policy owner complete control of the asset throughout their lifetime. This creates enormous scope for an Annuity to be a gradual wealth-transfer tool.
    • The manageability of an Annuity makes it perfect for teaching good wealth-management practices to the next generation without risking other family assets.
    • Annuities – in some jurisdictions – allow for debt isolation.
    • There are minimal health-disclosure obligations for Annuity policy owner.
    • Annuities also provide a certain income regardless of circumstances, an important consideration when markets are volatile.
When structured with other life insurance products from PCS by Mercer, lump sum payments and Annuities can safeguard your retirement and your family’s wealth regardless of what the future might hold.

Wealth-transfer planning

Planning is everything when it comes to wealth transfer. You can start giving your wealth to family members as gifts during your lifetime – subject to jurisdictional tax regimes – or as an inheritance. It doesn’t matter what age you are or how long you may live; it’s crucial to begin planning now rather than putting it off until it could be too late for your plans to come to fruition. 

To plan now also brings control and mitigates changes life can throw at you. Once you have a plan in place, don’t treat it as a set and forget. A good rule is to review your wealth-transfer plan every 12 months. This is even more important during volatile times of economic change, when the financial markets are in flux.

Here are some of the benefits of wealth-transfer planning with PCS by Mercer.

PCS by Mercer can plan wealth transfer to jurisdictions with strong insurance regulations. Our life insurance partners across Singapore, Hong Kong and Bermuda – with their distinctive brand reputation – remain highly capitalised, well-structured, and carefully regulated to weather any storm through the years. Also, PCS by Mercer was among the first to implement remote procedures, offering clients access to Singapore and Bermuda insurance products from Singapore. Now, clients from five jurisdictions can continue to have access to those same insurance products as well as solutions from Hong Kong – without having to travel to Singapore and Hong Kong. 

Your personal situation might be complex. You might have multiple businesses, assets and beneficiaries in various countries. Unless you have a clear plan and a strategy for wealth transfer, your assets could be tied up for a long time with legal disputes and inter-jurisdictional regulations.

Savings Plans are a trusted wealth accumulation and management tool. Developed to accrue over time and facilitate fast and efficient wealth transfer, Savings Plans allow you to specify how the money is distributed and make changes at any time. You can transfer policy ownership as often as you like, and the policy will continue to benefit from compound interest.

Our policies allow individuals to comply with domestic and CRS rules. Your beneficiaries will inherit in full any assets subject to estate duty and inheritance tax, as your policy will provide sufficient liquidity to cover the costs.   Proceeds of death benefit are not subject to tax.*

Combining protection and Savings Plans

As global change and market volatility continue, our Savings Plans and Life Protection products can help you continue accumulating and preserving generational wealth. Combining Life Protection with a Savings Plan can also strengthen your family’s wealth into the future, as each generation continues building on your legacy. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing your assets are protected, will stay in your family where they belong, and can keep growing.

We will work with you to customise a Life Protection and Savings Plan package unique to your circumstances and will build contingency into every aspect of your life.

*Clients should externally refer to their tax consultants. This is not intended to provide tax advice in any respect.

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