Reassuring the financial stability of insurance carriers in uncertain times

Life insurance is an emerging and alternative asset class that can help your clients address liquidity and needs protection, ensuring flexibility and the ability to cushion the impact of market volatility, while meeting their long-term goals.  During these unprecedented times, the overall financial well-being may be one of your client’s key concerns and how their life insurance policy may be impacted by the current COVID-19 pandemic.  


Private Client Services by Mercer is delighted to bring you key insights across our key Singapore, Hong Kong and Bermuda insurance carrier partners, including their strong financial ratings, capital adequacy ratios and/or the solvency ratios achieved, so that you may draw on the financial strength of these carriers with each of their credit ratings being maintained, to offer reassurance, provide security, and help your clients navigate through these uncertain times – today and in the near future.  You may be pleased to know that pandemics are covered by all our partners, and that cost of insurance charges have not increased as a result of the current situation.





Financial strength of our insurance partners

Our life insurance partners across Singapore, Hong Kong and Bermuda, with their distinctive brand reputation, remain highly capitalized, well structured, and carefully regulated to weather any storm through the years.  The strong capital adequacy ratios and high solvency ratios above the required minimum standards, are a key reflection of the creditworthiness and ability of the carriers to pay claims even in challenging situations such as a pandemic.



1. Life Insurance Capital Adequacy Test Ratio updated as of December 2019
2. Updated as of 30 December 2018 from
*Solvency II Ratio
Valid as of May 2020





Interest Rate Comparison

Private Client Services by Mercer’s Interest Rate Comparison Graph outlines an overview of how interest rates for each key products from across the Singapore, Hong Kong and Bermuda carriers, have fluctuated in the past many years. 


For an up-close PDF view, please click here


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Our experienced Private Client Services by Mercer Consultants across Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and Switzerland are here to support you in these uncertain times and beyond.
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