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Issue 5, December 2023 I PCS Vision

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Thank you for your continuing support. We are grateful for your audience.

As this eventful year comes to a close, we are taking a moment to reflect on and highlight your key interests. The top three most-read articles show a clear theme: creating stability in volatility. We note that our high net worth (HNW) clients are very focused on establishing platforms of certainty amidst unpredictability and potential changes in legislative environments.

That pursuit of assurance is driving ever higher interest in, and demand for, life protection solutions. It is also increasing the strategic use of different solution combinations to achieve individualized outcomes.

In Eight wealth planning benefits of PRC onshore insurance, PCS by Mercer Hong Kong CEO, Christina Wong, outlines onshore life insurance solutions in the PRC, and how they help to create certainty in legacy planning and wealth transfer.

Our CEO in Singapore, Davin Wong, explains how tailored solutions can help clients secure and access guaranteed liquidity in the current environment of rising interest rates and inflation. Income and life protection solutions as an alternative asset class

And Glenda Tan, our Managing Director in Private Client Services by Mercer Pte. Ltd, showcases how one client manages his family’s risks and exposure through asset diversification while providing a source of reliable offshore liquidity in Certainty in volatility.

Wishing you a prosperous and very happy new year. We are working on bringing you leading insights and new trends from the life protection industry and look forward to sharing 2024 with you.


Elaine Chan, Cindy Leung, and Kacie Ng
- PCS Vision Editorial Committee -

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