A Jumbo International Solution Protecting a Global Lifestyle 

Issue 5, December 2023 I PCS Vision
We help this client in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) secure a jumbo life insurance solution that combines her existing policy as well as additional onshore and offshore coverage.


PCS by Mercer client is a middle-aged female living in the PRC with her children. The family enjoys an international lifestyle. An UHNW individual, our client has total assets of more than USD200M. She is on the management team of a listed company – she also holds shares in the company. 

As a sophisticated private investor, the client has onshore and offshore assets across real estates, equities, and alternative investment portfolios. 

Over time, we have developed a strong relationship with the client, always maintaining our service levels despite COVID-19 restrictions. At a recent policy review, our client had over USD40M sum assured coverage with a Hong Kong insurance company, and together, we identified some new considerations and additional needs. So, PCS by Mercer explored ways to increase our client’s coverage..

Key considerations/challenges specific to the client

Our client understands that life protection solutions are effective tools in balancing her investment portfolio risks during market volatility, and as safeguards for her family. She also has very specific onshore and offshore needs.  


Our client’s onshore needs are driven by her significant renminbi (RMB) assets in the PRC.

  • She is looking for a suitable and effective inheritance tool to transfer wealth to her children. 
  • The client wants the certainty of immediate onshore liquidity for her family in the event of an unforeseen circumstance – without going through a potentially lengthy probate process. 
  • She was also looking for additional protection for her family and a flexible financial tool for her children’s future planning, education, and lifestyles. However, the coverage she was holding was not sufficient by itself. 


The client’s offshore needs are driven by her and her family’s high international mobility, and the fact that they have asset holdings in different jurisdictions. 

  • She is reviewing whether she has sufficient coverage for potential future life changes
  • Satisfactory and stable cash flows that are accessible internationally is vital for her retirement planning and maintaining her family’s lifestyle.

PCS by Mercer Solution

In recognition of our client’s international lifestyle and her family’s unique needs, we discussed the pros and cons of using a combination of on- and offshore solutions, as well as different policy types. 

Using a combination of onshore and offshore solutions, we secured a total sum assured (including both on- and offshore solutions): >USD70M.


Solution: Whole of Life
Total sum assured: RMB80M (approx. USD11M)
Premium: RMB4.5M (approx. USD620,000) X 10 years

Key Takeaways:

Looking forward, the client needs jumbo coverage, which could not be fulfilled by the existing local distribution offering. But PCS by Mercer’s extensive network meant that we were able to obtain a higher life coverage concurrent with the client’s existing USD40M coverage. 

To help the client manage her time, PCS by Mercer attained all the onshore and offshore offers using only one set of underwriting materials, including medical reports. 

The client is able to utilize and leverage her onshore RMB asset for any future legacy and liquidity planning. 


Solution: Whole of Life
Total sum assured: USD20M
Premium: USD6M single premium

Via this solution, PCS by Mercer were able to fulfill the client’s need for a higher, internationally accessible coverage. The guaranteed cash value and accumulated dividends also offer stability in market volatility as well as future peace of mind.  

And importantly, the insurance proceeds would be paid directly to her family without having to go through a lengthy probate process.

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