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Can you provide information on the current rate of will contests in courts? Additionally, what strategies can be employed to minimize the chances of conflicts that may require extensive legal resources and time to resolve?

Issue 5 | December 2023

What percentage of wills are being contested in courts? More than 50% according to research by the University of Queensland, Australia.  That’s an astounding number of disgruntled siblings across the world if we were to extrapolate the findings. So, how do you strategically reduce the likelihood of conflict that could take years and teams of lawyers to resolve? Estate equalization. PCS by Mercer Director, Kei Yee Mok explains the solution and how it can be used in a case study.

Also in this issue, we highlight how we help a client in the People’s Republic of China to secure a jumbo life insurance solution that combines her existing policy as well as additional onshore and offshore coverage – to safeguard her family’s global lifestyle in the long term.

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