DEI Benchmarks

Where in the world are greatest clusters of female engineers?


Global Pay

Are your base salaries, bonus targets and long term incentive guidelines in line with industry norms?


Talent Flow

Are you losing key talent at a greater rate than your competitors? How do your hiring and promotion rates compare?


Workforce Cost

How cost competitive is your workforce? Which roles and locations are sources of excess cost?

Global, Regional, Country and Metro.  Mercer | Comptryx offers both broad and detailed insights into your global workforce.

Go beyond pay benchmarking and workforce insights to stay competitive

Mercer | Comptryx is a business intelligence platform for your high-tech workforce. By combining quality data with strong functionality, this platform gives you access to a global knowledge database and provides industry-relevant insights to help you keep abreast of underlying trends in the global high-tech workforce.

Get access to: 



Global compensation benchmarking with the fastest-growing and richest tech database


Workforce cost estimates


Diversity, equity and inclusion benchmarks


Talent availability and flow (hiring, turnover, promotions)


Five-year pay trends and key workforce metrics


Insight-driven workforce dashboards


Tailored and agile workforce modeling tools


Real-time industry benchmarks following the latest trends


Unique answers to all your questions

Mercer | Comptryx’s exclusive capabilities

This unique platform can help you:


  • Find the best-suited locations for various functional teams.
  • Compare workforce costs using key financial metrics
  • Identify optimum global locations for staff growth and re-alignment
  • Isolate best sources of key functions and skills from a global talent pool



  • Evaluate workforce costs using an interactive modeling tool
  • Analyze and compare varied organizational models to optimize cost
  • Use a variety of pay elements to evaluate the components of workforce cost
  • Project future costs based on expected country-specific salary budget estimates


Attract and retain

  • Utilize new hire pay benchmarks to ensure competitive salary offers
  • Understand competitive bonus and LTI awards to avoid pay based turnover
  • Identify locations with sufficient talent availability to focus workforce expansion
  • Discover critical areas of “workforce churn” in your talent pool



  • Robust pay data for core roles across 100 countries and 175+ metro locations
  • Key pay benchmarks including base salary, target/actual STI, LTI, promotional increases & allowances
  • 5-Year quarterly updated pay trending for all job/location combinations
  • Easily created salary structures, bonus/LTI guidelines using standard reporting tools
  • Easy to use data extraction tool for quick analysis of quarterly pay updates


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