Disruption and uncertainty driven by shifting market, demographic, and lifestyle forces are perhaps most prevalent in the Healthcare industry. The viability of current systems of production, delivery, treatment and payment are at risk around the world, regardless of the economic and regulatory models in place. Marsh McLennan helps organizations manage the world’s most important resource – people – by improving healthcare outcomes and long-term financial security. Mercer's Healthcare Provider Industry Practice excels in people strategy, workforce analytics, organization structure, change management, and rewards consulting to find the best path forward for healthcare providers going through this time of dramatic transformation. Given the extraordinary challenges in the healthcare industry, a focus on today AND tomorrow has never been more important. Our number one priority is to provide the best end-to-end strategic plan to drive optimization of human capital across clinical, operating and HR functions.

Meet our expert 

John Derse

John Derse

Healthcare Provider Industry Practice Leader


John Derse, located in Charlotte, NC, is a Senior Partner and leads Mercer’s Healthcare Provider Industry Practice. His consulting is in the area of People Strategy which includes strategy, alignment/change management and workforce analytics and rewards providing clients with "end to end" strategic advice concerning the design, implementation and operation of human capital and the HR function.  


John’s clients include some of the largest health systems and academic medical centers in the South and Midwest. John has also partnered with organizations and been involved in innovative work for a broad range of clients across various industries, including financial services, consumer products, retail, manufacturing and distribution, entertainment. John has been at Mercer for over 30 years. 

“Mercer has brought great expertise to the table, but more importantly than that we have a very trusting relationship and an ability to have open communications. When you have that, you can tackle any problem that a project this size is going to have.” 


– Frank Venuto, Chief Human Capital Officer
Nebraska Medicine

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