Mercer | Sirota research has repeatedly highlighted the immediate manager’s behaviour as the single, biggest influence on an employee’s attitudes at work. However, our clients tell us that many managers struggle to understand how to drive and sustain engagement within their teams.

Employee Engagement is the extent to which employees think, feel, and act in ways that represent high levels of commitment to their organization. Engaged employees are motivated to contribute 100% of their knowledge, skills, and abilities to help their organization succeed. They care deeply about their company, want to contribute to its success, and regularly have peak experiences at work.

The Engaging Leader Report gives managers a picture of their underlying motives and values and how these influence their behavior at work. Managers can see what their team thinks about working for them – and how engaged they feel as a result. Engagement drives performance, so the more engaged and effective the team feels, the better their performance will be.

To address this, Mercer | Sirota and Hogan Assessments , a world leader in leadership and management personality assessments, have come together to design a unique tool and offering.  “The Engaging Leader” (TEL) program combines Hogan’s manager personality assessment with Mercer | Sirota’s ability to measure engagement and team effectiveness to create a combined feedback and coaching program designed to help leaders drive positive change. Learn more

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