Car Benefit Policies Around the World

Car Benefit Policies Around the World | Mercer

HR Managers, Compensation and Benefit Managers, CFOs
Car Benefit Policies Around the World
Published: 2018
Car Benefit Policies Around the World
HR Managers, Compensation and Benefit Managers, CFOs
Car Benefit Policies Around the World
Published: 2018

Company cars have been a staple of generous employee benefit programs for high-ranking executives. Are company cars still a sign of success, today? Find out with this comprehensive report.

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What's inside

Car benefit information from 85 markets

Based on Mercer's primary research conducted in 85 markets, you'll gain access to critical and consistent country data to ensure your car policy is competitive.

When the CEO or CFO asks you to review your global car benefit strategy, turn to this report to identify:

  • How your policy stacks up against practices in local markets
  • Opportunities for cost savings
  • Differences in market practices, standards and incentives 

Cost and policy data from around the world

Covering over 55 different topics, get the facts on specific cost and car policy topics including:

  • Eligibility by employee level
  • Typical makes and models
  • Purchase prices, monthly lease amounts, monthly allowances
  • Green policies
  • Alternative transportation benefits
  • Company-owned car policies
  • Company-leased car policies
  • Car allowance policies
  • Car-related expenses

Green car benefit policies impact our environment. Globally, 23% of companies have reduced the number of company cars in their fleet.

Insights for your company
Car benefits have been known to retain and attract key talent. As a HR Manager, it's your job to determine the right policy blend that incorporates both cost efficiencies and the employee value proposition.

Does geography matter?

While typically locally managed, HQ does often weigh in to control major aspects of policy. Blending culture with car policies can optimize your policy. A manager in Brazil may value a company-provided car more than one in Hong Kong.

How is the car benefit typically provided?

A sign of the times, leased vehicles are much more common than company-owned vehicles. Even more common - the provision of a car allowance.

Besides a car, what else should we provide?

Operating and maintaining cars can be equally expensive. Fuel, insurance, and taxes can quickly add-up and change a benefit to a liability. Make sure the company and employee are balanced.


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