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Workforce Metrics Around the World
Published: August 2020
Workforce Metrics Around the World
Published: August 2020
The value and importance of workforce metrics can sometimes be overlooked but they can be a critical and core component that helps to measure your business. Compare your company to a set of key metrics from countries around the world.

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What's Inside

Actively manage your workforce to drive change


 Your HRIS likely holds a wealth of information that could be put to good use and help to measure your business in a multitude of ways. The various metrics that can be sourced from this data help to quantify costs and understand the impact of the policies, processes and structure your organization has implemented. For example, are there areas of your business that are underperforming? Or are there teams with a management span that is unmanageable and counterproductive? Workforce metrics help to identify issues such as these and enable you to monitor their improvement.

This product is sold as:

- Global online
- Global Excel file
- Single market PDF

Key and critical workforce metric data

  • Workforce and payroll cost distribution
  • Management span ratios
  • Employee "churn": Voluntary turnover and new hire rates
  • Employee promotion rates
  • Top performer rates

Available markets

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