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Global Compensation Drivers
Published: February 2021
Global Compensation Drivers
Published: February 2021
Turn your compensation, talent acquisition, and mobility teams into experts on the key factors that truly drive compensation. Understand local and demographic variables that influence pay and should be considered when creating a pay structure.

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What's Inside

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Using a single global standard of comparison and multi-variate analysis, this product ensures your team has the edge in understanding the key factorsthat stand apart and influence pay, including local and demographic variables. Learn what drives differences in pay and discover the market differentials for each of the key drivers.

Key data reported

  • Key drivers of pay
  • Market pay differentials by key driver

Key drivers included

  • Career level
  • Geographic region
  • Geographic scope of responsibility
  • Headquarter country location
  • Industry
  • Job family
  • Nationality

Note: Not all drivers are collected in every market.


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Available markets

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Please note:
- Global product is an online subscription which includes 12 month access. 
- Region product is sold as an Excel deliverable.

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