Key Drivers of Change in today’s Investment World

Key Drivers of Change in Today’s Investment World

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Key Drivers of Change in Today’s Investment World
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Calendar06 July 2017

The rise of populism, coupled with market volatility, means uncertainty for today’s investors. Mercer has identified four key themes that investors need to understand to be successful: fragmentation, a shift from monetary to fiscal stimulus, capital abundance and structural change. These themes translate into different challenges and strategy imperatives for sovereign wealth funds, defined contribution clients and the wealth management market.

In the video, Garry Hawker discusses how global fragmentation and the abundance of capital will influence the investment environment of 2017 and beyond.

"Even we start to think about individual investors, many of our high net worth clients may not necessarily have the right reference currency for help thinking about building wealth. They may be thinking about from U.S. dollar, Euro or some other perspectives, but still they may be thinking about how they actually eventually spend that wealth in their domestic currency. And therefore, there’s potential issues that they need to address in that respect" - Garry Hawker, Wealth Business Leader, Singapore and Director of Strategic Research, Growth Markets

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