Multi-Asset Strategies – Redefining the Universe

Loved by many, reviled by others, multi-asset strategies are undeniably a key feature of the investment landscape. In the US they are typically known as balanced strategies; in Europe and other parts of the world investors have been enticed by a category of investments known as "diversified growth funds" (DGFs). Whatever the label, however, the variety of strategies is broadening across the globe.

We believe that this represents an opportune time to revisit the way we categorise the various strategies within the multi-asset universe.  We currently track over 300 strategies within the two major sub-categories of multi-asset investment (global balanced and diversified growth funds).  We are redefining these product groups to better reflect the characteristics of the underlying strategies and the role that we believe that they could play in an investor’s portfolio.  In future, we will categorise these strategies in one of two ways:

  • Core DGF / Global Balanced
  • Idiosyncratic DGF

We believe that these categories will better able us to identify the most suitable products for our clients, as well as capture the broadening opportunity set we see emerging, particularly at the idiosyncratic end of the spectrum.

The changes we are making to our manager universe reflect the globalization of the product offerings available and the innovation we have seen, particularly at the idiosyncratic end of the spectrum. Through our specialist manager research we believe that we can identify the most compelling opportunities across this range of approaches - we will continue to work closely with clients to identify the most suitable strategies to meet their specific investment needs.

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