Russia to require electronic filing of employment information

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Employees’ employment records will have to be filed electronically, and employers will be subject to new pension reporting obligations, under changes to be phased in from 1 Jan 2021.  

Mandatory pension insurance system

  • From 1 Jan 2020, employers must electronically file employees’ employment information with the mandatory pension fund no later than the 15th day of the month following the reporting month.

  • From 1 Jan 2021, employers must notify the mandatory pension fund about employee hiring and terminations by the next business day. 

  • From 15 Feb 2021, employers will have to provide information on employees who don’t submit an application for coverage under the mandatory pension fund.

Employee information filing 

  • Employers have to inform employees about the introduction of electronic filing by 30 Jun 2020, asking them to designate whether they want their employment information to be filed in paper format, or electronically, by 31 Dec 2020. Information will be filed in paper format if an employee doesn’t inform their employer by the deadline. Employers can electronically file information for all employees hired after 1 Jan 2021.

  • Employers must return the paper file to employees who choose to have their information filed electronically. Employees opting for the paper format will be allowed to change their minds. 

  • Employers must provide employment information to terminating employees in electronic or paper format. Employees can request their electronic information at any time. 

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