Mexico establishes labor conciliation center and registry

Connecticut Enacts Paid Family and Medical Leave

A new Federal Conciliation and Registration Center, established in Mexico City, will provide mandatory conciliation in certain collective and individual disputes and will be responsible for registering unions and collective bargaining agreements. The role and functions of the center feature in a law (Spanish) that took effect on 7 Jan 2020 and follows labor law reforms introduced in 2019. The center will be operational in a year, but some functions — such as the revision of collective bargaining agreements — will start only when the center’s registry is in place.

Key functions of the center include:

  • Individual and collective conciliations on matters covered by federal law, and issuance of nonconciliation and representation certificates.
  • Establishment of a conciliatory and administrative management model.
  • Assistance to unions and employees with the election of union management boards.
  • Verification of employee support for collective agreements and ensuring they were properly informed about the content.
  • Registration of collective agreements and verification of their compliance with federal labor law — agreements that don’t comply could be terminated.
  • Consideration of proposals and opinions published by the Agreement and Productivity National Committee.
  • Issuing fines for noncompliance with federal labor law

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