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Greece Boosts Labor Law Protections

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Greece Boosts Labor Law Protections
Greece Boosts Labor Law Protections
Calendar25 June 2019

From 1 Jul 2019, Greek employers must comply with increased labor law protections (Law 4611/2019) (Greek), including a requirement to provide a lawful and valid reason when terminating employees on indefinite-term employment contracts. Previously, employers could terminate employees “at will.” 

Other changes include the following:

  • The time limits for claiming unlawful termination or termination payments — three and six months, respectively — are suspended under certain circumstances.
  • Severance payments must be transferred into the employee’s bank accounts.
  • Employers must pay social security contributions on behalf of interns and apprentices — employers that don’t comply will be excluded from participating in apprentice and internship programs for two years.
  • Employers must follow new notification requirements — for example, when hiring employees who are not employed on indefinite contracts, and reporting employees’ annual leave.
  • New sanctions — including criminal penalties — apply to employers and individuals who hinder labor authority’s workplace inspections.
  • New standards, including health and safety requirements, apply to employees’ use of motorcycles for employment purposes, and additional indemnity payments cover the use and maintenance of the vehicle. 

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