Establishing the foundation strengthening your job catalog when moving to the cloud

Today’s cloud-based human resource information system (HRIS) is different than the HRIS of the past three decades. Most notably because newer systems are cloud-based instead of on premise. They are configurable and not customizable.

They are quickly deployed and easily updated. But several attributes that make today’s HRIS different are often overlooked and can have a major impact on effectiveness for organizations seeking to implement these systems.

At the same time, with this superior functionality and enhanced analytics capability, there’s a greater burden on getting the job catalog right.

Failure to do so will at best impact an organization’s ability to realize its vision for an employee-centered career framework and at worst undermine the basic functionality of many cloud-based systems. 

The job catalog is the library of jobs available within an organization. In most cloud-based systems, it’s foundational to securing the core and extended functionality of the HRIS.