Organic Transformation

Technology-induced productivity enhancements are already making a significant impact on the workforce in this capital-intensive business and will become even more amplified in the near future. Although some skillsets will increase, there will be dramatic reductions particularly in upstream jobs. Labor-intensive jobs will give way to robots, drones, and remote monitors, which will enhance productivity, safety, and cost savings. Still, many new careers will develop based on creating, improving, and servicing these innovations.

The Future of Work

The organization of the future will be dramatically different as some jobs shift from permanent, to short-term, project- based work. This will have significant ramifications on the entire talent ecosystem, and the following considerations should be top of mind:

  • Updated value propositions to address the diverse, mobile, and geographically dispersed workforce 
  • Strategic approaches to HR management, including outsourcing and digitization
  • Development of new HR skills
  • Data from talent forecasts to drive decision making
  • Enhanced focus on measurement to ensure investments are appropriate from the beginning
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