Where are your best next steps on the digitalization journey?

Global mobility teams may often struggle with progressing on their journey to process automation, even though using spreadsheets and emails or disconnected systems for mobility program management may result in additional admin burden, frustration for those involved in the process, as well as risk of delays and errors.


With the vast range of mobility technology solutions available in today's market, from single online calculators to practical digital resources for assignees to fully integrated software ecosystems, there are now plenty of ways to stream line the assignment life cycle and run your mobility program effectively and efficiently, from start to finish.


How should you know which solutions and approaches will best suit your organization?


Download the guide to better understand your options, and learn to leverage the power of mobility technology where you need it most.

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    Why is digitalization of talent mobility processes important now?


    In times of the great resignation, many businesses need to face the challenges of managing a global workforce with far leaner mobility teams than ever before. And as consumers, we typically run our lives using technology. Global mobility really shouldn’t be any different, particularly when you consider the complexity and potential risks associated. Not to mention the desire for a far greater employee experience.


    When it comes to international assignment management, what are the quickest wins in terms of digitalization/automation?


    Efficiencies can be created at many different stages of the assignment lifecycle. We typically see most benefits by centralizing all data and documents in one place and offering elements of self-service for the employees, HR managers and the mobility teams. This saves time in searching for data while also reducing the number of calls and questions the mobility team receives.


    Does it make sense for an organization to automate only some parts of their international assignment management processes?


    Full process automation often requires lengthy preparations, adjusting the processes, simplifying and structuring. It may seem daunting and out of reach, but it isn’t to discourage organizations, especially those with smaller mobility programs. Technology is available for organizations to start small and solve some of the key issues, and then embark on a growth journey with their technology project.


    What is the minimum budget that allows a mobility team to start thinking about implementing technology?


    In my view, it is less about cost and budget, and more about return on investment. Technology can often be demonstrated to be cost-neutral at worst when factoring in indirect and direct cost savings. That said, specific tools such as balance sheet calculators or cost estimate solutions can start from a few thousand and offer a great benefit of removing manual and complex spreadsheets.

Top opportunities for Mobility Managers

Some key insights from our guide.

Get accurate and transparent cost reports

Using effective online calculators that can take into consideration compensation elements as well as relocation benefits, ongoing allowances and tax implications  –will keep cost reports up to date and accurate.

Stay compliant and organised

It is key to keep assignee records up to date even after assignment completion. Activities such as filing tax returns or managing deferred compensation can last years! Mobility technology can help you keep this all-in check.

Keep informed and on track

With an automated mobility platform in place, case initiators can receive notifications whenever they need to take action, and all parties involved have visibility over the relocation process. Finally, everyone knows who owns each step in the process.

Reduce poor candidacy selection

By using technology to create skills metrics, approval chains and cross-cultural training tools the recruitment and retaining of the right staff becomes a lot easier.

Mobility Management Platform

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    Are you still managing your mobile employees using spreadsheets and emails?

    This opens the door to inefficiencies, risks and  assignment failure. Times have changed!

    That’s why a centralized digital platform integrating all aspects of your talent mobility program may be just right for you.

    But wait!

    What if you run a small program 

    and only need some of these functionalities?

    Or don’t have the time or budget to implement?

    To meet the needs of smaller teams and budgets

    Mercer’s technology offering adapts to your requirements — unlocking the benefits of digitalization for everyone!

    Meet the redesigned Mercer Mobility Management Platform — and choose the product option that matches your needs.

    MMP Embark is a cost-efficient solution

    that centralizes tasks, approvals and resources for your mobile employees.

    Say goodbye to spreadsheets and emails with a secure, self-serve platform that can be up and running within 48 hours!

    It grants you easy, one-stop mobility management where you can connect your compensation data, or integrate Mercer tax reports and calculators:

    • Compensation Localizer,
    • Per Diem Allowance Calculator,
    • and Balance Sheet and Cost Projection Calculators.


    If you’re ready to truly own your platform,

    MMP Evolve gives you a dedicated mobility ecosystem — integrated with HR information systems and external vendors, and customized for your needs.

    And if you want it all?

    MMP Experience completes your mobility ecosystem with full process automation and endless configurability.

    It offers:

    • Integrated reporting,
    • Connected compensation and cost projection tools,
    • Dedicated mobility, HR and employee access portals,
    • Vendor integrations
    • And automated workflows.


    So yes

    - Mobility management technology can work for you too.

    Where are you on your journey?
    Let’s get in touch and find out together.


Looking for a tailored solution to make life easier and more efficient for all involved in your mobility process?


Mercer’s centralized, cloud-based mobility management system can help small, medium and large organizations alike to automate and manage their international and domestic assignments. 

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